Dave and Kathy

Dave and Kathy DeRose

We are located in Akron, New York and raise Angus and Red Devon cattle. We believe in sustainable agriculture, which is defined as the production of food, plants, or animals using techniques that protect and enhance the environment, community health, and animal welfare.

To accomplish our goals we have established core values that govern our activities:

CCentered on good stewardship and sustainability of land and animals

AAccountable to a standard of excellence among farming professionals

RRespectful of other people in our community and the wellbeing of our animals

EEducating the community about good health through social media, community involvement, and continued educational programs

The CARE values drive our efforts to create healthy soils. Healthy soils grow nutrient-dense plants and are foraged by our cows. It’s these content animals that have the nutrition to grow and produce healthy food for friends like you. Our beef cows are never given growth hormones or antibiotics. They never have any grain, so GMOs, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals are removed from their diet.